Global Game Jam 2016

Global Game Jam 2016

This year’s Global Game Jam came to a close amidst the piles of empty pizza boxes and soda bottles as bleary-eyed game-developer zombies shamble out of the MAC3 building in Cyberjaya. 19 individuals with only one thing on their mind, to develop the best damn game they could in 48 hours.

But first a quick flashback to where it all began, two weeks ago, on a Friday night. After work or after studies, the odd collection of game enthusiasts gathered like zombies on a fresh carcass.

After being sufficiently confused by Keita Takahashi’s keynote, the theme for this year was revealed to be ‘Extinction’. The jammers having not had their dinners yet converged at the local eatery (which shall not be named for their poor service and food) to quickly brainstorm and come up with ideas for their game. Conversation was light-hearted and animated as the jammers got to know one another. Some students, some hobbyists, and quite a number of industry veterans were amongst this years line-up and it was shaping up to be quite an interesting Game Jam. This year even saw us having some female participants which was sorely lacking in the 2010 Game Jam.

Back at the Jam-site which MDeC was so gracious to provide, the pitching session began in earnest. Everyone had an idea and everyone stood out there to pitch theirs. After a quick round of elimination, only 4 ideas remained and the other jammers were free to join whichever project they felt liked. At 11-ish, the development finally began with teams discussing ideas and formulating a game-plan.

So, two days of development later, although the jammers were starting to smell a little ripe, it was evident on everyone’s faces that they were determined to finish their creations. At 3:00pm, the teams put on the finishing touches and began uploading their work onto the Game Jam portal. At 5:00pm, fellow developers from SAGE Interactive visited the Jam site to witness the presentation of the games which marked the end of the GameJam.

The four games were Extinctor, Ecoseeds, Almost Extinct and Angry Chopsticks. One-by-one, the teams got up in front and presented their game. Extinctor was a 3D- game centered around a Galactic Worm that devoured planets created using Unity. Ecoseeds was an XNA baby and was more of a hybrid between a time-management farming game and an open-ended simulation, where collecting star-seeds and planting them would yield crops which would then in turn be used to build and grow animals. Almost Extinct is a flash-game of protecting wild cavemen from hungry dinosaurs in order to avoid the extinction of the human race. And lastly, Angry Chopsticks is a flash-game that had players balancing an eco-system of bugs by stabbing them with a humongous pair of chopsticks.. squishy! Angry Chopsticks also features hilarious sfx to complement its bug squishing goodness.

So thus ended this year’s Game Jam.

The links below brings you to the demented creations of 19 sick minds.

Play Angry Chopsticks! Team: Alex Ong, Lim Leong Kee, Wang Hsin Jo, Alan Yeoh, Ivan Lim
Play Extincto! Team: Plentiful Lee, Krishnan, Zaid & Kung Shin Hean
Play Ecoseeds! Team : Johannes Reuben, Rex Choo Chee Fei, Buzz, Yee Hui Jien and Hasyimi aka ‘Fishcake’
Play Almost Extinct!. Team: Joseph G, Se Kye Li, David Tan, Ng Yun Bin & Yee I-van


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