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A very beautiful Monday morning, where I’ve finally recovered after weeks of “debugging” the viral infection. A week after the Unity3D Workshop held by ACA Pacific, my Facebook’s feeds show me a great post by Terence Tan on Unity3D titled “Tips on Unity3d (Top 10)”. Having being part of the mentoring team looking after MSC Malaysia IPCC Games Competition, where some of them using Unity3D as their development tool. I believe this is a MUST read for developers out there, especially the MSC Malaysia IPCC 2016 is around the corner, plus the hype about Unity3D in recent years, it’s however, not as easy as one would think. Link

I’d hope to cover more about local Unity3D developments, especially on the networking side. We’ve seen cross-platform game by Unity3D, where a game is playable on the browsers, iphone, ipad and sharing a single game data (Registration, saved games etc). If you’re working on Unity3D and would like to share your findings, please leave a message below and I’ll be in touch.